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keeping active

I need your help guys..

For a media assignment I have to talk about the good,bad and ugly videos of the music industry, so i wanted to know everyones opinion, what do you think is a good/bad/ugly video.
you may use specifics (ex. Christina Aguilera's Dirrty is ugly because the whole video is too get her attention by showing ..everything!....etc)
thanks in advnaced
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point system

so heres the point system, the member with the most points at the end of the month will be featured on the communities user info page.

5 points for each
-person you referr

10 points for each:
-place you promote
-participating in a game/challange
-promo you make for us(if we accept it)
-entry not application relation, that we enjoy. +2 if its with pictures
-first post in a game/challenge

15 points:
-starting a fun game
-participate in scavenger hunt.

20 points:
-winning a challenge
-winning a game

*Mods aren't included in the point system

to MODS [tell me what you think of this idea, reply here, but note after i get an ok from all of you i will delet the comments + this little note.]]
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these are the rules of SPINKICKYOFACE, (you love the name dontcha?).

- You must be AT LEAST 14.
- No racism/ sexism..any type of 'ism'.
- Apply within 48 hours after joining.
- Do not comment on anything but your application until you're accepted.
- Don't be stupid and delete your app. if you get rejected.
- ALWAYS use an lj-cut.
- Make everything friends only.
- Once accepted you may post about annything! woo!
- If you can't take crticism don't join.
- If you promote IN spinkickyoface, you must promote us TWICE(two different places) and provide links as proof. If not we will delet the post.
- You can only promote OTHER communities from Tuesdays - Thursdays.